Girl. 25.

Full-time polyglot and part-time notebook scribbler from a gusty and gloomy grotto in Yorkshire. Baptized in the murky waters of the River Calder, I attended a private school run by lions who taught me how to read and roar. After graduating with a combined honours  in Lying and Being Late to Everything, I upped and left said grotto for the tropical jaunts of Latin America in the name of academia and adventure. Currently studying a masters in DogCuddling and Taking Too Many Ubers.




4 thoughts on “Blogger’s Bio: Who is she?

      1. Must be… I’m very big into my cricket and always enjoy the Yorkshire men when they do their commentary… Sir Geoffrey… he’s GREAT!! You lot sure know how to call a spade a spade… something South African there… and hardiness! Great traits… 😉

  1. Your blog is incredible. I did my year abroad in Colombia and am having a bit of a jealousy black-out as I write this…meanwhile, back in the real world, I’m casting for a new documentary for MTV and I’m looking for young Brazilians to take part. Hoping you might know some people and could help me? Do you have an email address where I can send you a bit more information?



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