To truly respect your daily blues, lend your ears to the sullen sounds below. Click the song titles listed in orange to listen to each track, make yourself a cup of tea and take some time to sulk in your room alone or sigh wistfully at fellow passengers on your daily commute. 

1.Nick Drake- Place To Be.

Now I’m darker than the deepest sea
Just hand me down, give me a place to be.

2.Björk- Cocoon.

“Who would have known
That a boy like him
Possessed of magical
Who would approach a girl like me
Who caresses cradles his head
In her bosom”

3. Crowded House- Not The Girl You Think You Are.

“You’re not the girl you think you are, yeah
There’s someone standing in your place
The bathroom mirror makes you look tall,
But it’s all in your head, in your head”.

4. Hozier- Cherry Wine.

“Calls of guilty thrown at me
All while she stains
The sheets of some other
Thrown at me so powerfully
Just like she throws with the arm of her brother.”

5. Laura Marling- Goodbye England.

“I will come back here,
Bring me back when I’m old.
I want to lay here forever in the cold.
I might be cold but I’m just skin and bones
And I never love England more than when covered in snow.”

6. Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling- The Water.

“Now the land that I knew is a dream
And the line on the distance grows faint
So wide is my river, the horizon a sliver
The artist has run out of paint”.

Got any sad songs you want to share? Post them in the comments section below for everyone to enjoy.


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