urubus‘On a bus in Uruguay’

It smelt of burn orange and chocolate brown curtains,

of mint imperials and gas fires,

It looked like a fallen empire,

through thick lace netting, slipper socks, and selective forgetting,

It sounded like a watchmakers labyrinth,

and of the escaping air from a closing biscuit tin,

Someone had stabbed me with a needle of Normanton serum,

And so I boarded my belief,

paid my ticket to sit on her settee

and lick the sugar from my thumb

and smile

and nod

and watch the box,

not really knowing if I was sat with her across the ocean,

or if she was sat with me,

bobbing along to uncertain bus motion.


3 thoughts on “On a Bus in Uruguay: a short poem.

  1. Have you changed this? It’s even better on the second reading. Very very good. I’m not sure about the Normanton serum line, ironically but I wouldn’t think about changing owt else it’s magical

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