1. Abacaxi (AH-BAH-KA-SHI)= Pineapple

If you pronounce this one out-loud and really put your throat and teeth into it you may pronounce it like a maniac. This word is best enjoyed when actual pineapples are present.

2. Hot Dog (HOTCHY-DOGGY)= Rainbow*

Also known as a ‘cachorro quente’ in the direct translation of this slippery snack. This bite of vocabulary can be used when purchasing a hot dog after a night out beneath the arches at Lapa, Rio de Janeiro. For some greasy drunk food expect to pay around 5 reais and have it fall onto the floor moments later. Hold on tight to your hotchy doggy…but not too tight.

3. Mãe (pinch your nose and say ‘my’)= Mum

A word that I still can’t pronounce. I no longer talk about my mother. But I have improved my cow impression on the never-ending road to Nasal-Vowel Town.

4. Vidigal (VI-GEE-GAW) = Vidigal favela/community.

One of the most famous favelas in Rio de Janeiro and the location of some of the cities best raves and parties. This word sounds best when it comes from someone who has a dangerous amount of bum-cheek.

5. Saudades (SOW-DA-GEES) = The feeling of loss or yearning

This word is unique to the portuguese language and sums up that feeling of missing someone and wanting to cry and moan about it until you grow stalactites from your chin from all the tears that have dribbled there. The nasal ‘ow’ part of the pronunciation helps to further emphasize your woe. Feel the pain through your nose.

*just kidding, it’s hot dog.


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